Thank you for everything you have done for us in the last 2 years.
Thank you all so much for making Annie's time at pre-school such a lovely one. At one point I wasn't sure she would ever settle - but you have all helped her become more confident and enjoy her time with you.
Thank you for making my pre-school so much fun. Thanks for all your hard work. I really have made some great friends and will miss you all.
Thank you for taking such good care of me. I've loved my time at South Woodham Pre-School. I promise to pop in and say hello.
Thank you for being such wonderful teachers and helping me grow. I will miss you.
Thank you for helping me grow. I will miss you all so much.
Thank you for all the organising you do, the good care you take of all the children and how you help them grow and be ready for "big" school. It has all been really appreciated.
Thank you for the great experiences you have given Sean. I am sure it will give him a good start to school life.
I look forward to coming to pre-school every time and love playing with you all. I talk about you all at home and tell all my family about you.
Thank you to all of you for looking after me and for all your hard work. It is really appreciated.
Thank you for all your hard work and for teaching me lots of things. I will miss all of you and my time at pre-school.
Thank you so much for looking after me since I was two and a half. I have loved every minute and I will miss you all lots!
Thank you for all the great fun we have had and for everything you have taught me.
Thank you for all you have done for J. It has been a pleasure knowing you all.
Dear Sally, thank you for being the best teacher!
Thank you so much for making S's first experience of preschool so enjoyable.
L has enjoyed his sessions and will miss his friends and all the smiley helpers there.
Thank you for your kindness, compassion and helpfulness. You’ve all been so lovely and so amazing!
Thank you ladies for all your help, love and support with J, you’re all so wonderful!